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BIM is a governance token that supports the real economy by funding production and projects in industries. Owning $BIM offers benefits such as rewards for staking, the ability to use it for your online purchases and active participation in the development of industries.

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1 632 $BIM

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314 Millions

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BIM is a complete ecosystem that enables the democratization of blockchain and its daily use. This ecosystem covers various fields such as financing, communication and production of products made in France, thus promoting innovation and sustainable development of the real economy.

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Token Burn, deflation 🔥

We have committed to destroying at least 5% of the BIM group's profits in the form of $BIM tokens. This action results in a significant reduction in the total $BIM offering available at launch, which is initially 314 million tokens.

Écosystème BIM


Q4 2022

- BIM lauch (ERC-20)
- The launch of BIM Finance V1
- Launch of the alpha version of BIM Pay

Q1 2023

- Launch BIM Finance V2
- Launch staking for BIM
- Creation of BIM Consulting
- Creation of BIM Industries
- Creation of BIM Financement

Q2 2023

- We have created our own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) BIM
- A liquidity pool has been set up on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange platform (DEX)

Q3 2023

- Investment in BIM Finance 200K €
- Investment in Kippit 600K €
- Investment in Athana 200K €
- Listing on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Polygonscan
- Creation of a blockchain carbon footprint simulator and bank account
- Exhibition IFA Berlin

Q4 2023

- Listing of $BIM on a CEX
- Audit
- Launch of BIM Exchange
- BIM Pay V2


- Launch BIM WALLET - Launch BIM real estate


Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our users

The $BIM token is the governance token of the BIM group and addresses three major issues :
- It leverages tangible assets such as startups, physical products and real estate, providing a solid and stable foundation.
- It promotes the democratization of blockchain through our BIM Pay module, which allows users to exchange their $BIM tokens for products and services.
- It enables decentralized and democratic decision making within a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), involving $BIM token holders in project governance.

To purchase $BIM tokens, you have two main options :
- Directly on our official website, where you can follow the instructions to acquire $BIM tokens using compatible payment methods.
- On the decentralized exchange platform Uniswap, where you can exchange other crypto-currencies, such as Ether (ETH), for $BIM tokens by following the transaction steps.
In both cases, it is recommended to have a compatible crypto-currency wallet to securely store and manage your $BIM tokens.

Participation in governance: As a $BIM token holder, you have the opportunity to participate in project decisions and governance via the BIM DAO, voting on proposals and contributing to the evolution of the ecosystem.
1. Staking and rewards: You can stake your $BIM tokens, which means blocking them for a certain period of time, in order to receive rewards in the form of additional tokens or other benefits.
2. Use in the $BIM ecosystem: $BIM tokens can be used to purchase products and services on the various platforms of the BIM group, such as BIM Shop, BIM Immo and BIM Computing.
3. Investment in tangible assets: $BIM tokens are backed by physical assets such as startups, physical products and real estate, providing intrinsic value and stability to the digital currency.
4. To earn rewards with your $BIM tokens, you will generally need to stash them on the BIM platform, following the instructions and conditions specific to each reward program.

$BIM staking involves locking a certain amount of $BIM tokens for a set period of time onto the BIM platform. This process allows $BIM token holders to contribute to the security and stability of the ecosystem, while receiving rewards for their commitment.
Here are the benefits associated with BIM staking :
1. Rewards : By staking your $BIM Tokens, you will receive rewards in the form of additional $BIM Tokens or other benefits, depending on the specific reward program.
2. Participation in governance : $BIM staking may entitle you to voting power within the BIM CAD, allowing you to actively participate in project decisions and governance.
3. Ecosystem Support : Staking contributes to the security and stability of the $BIM ecosystem, providing resources to maintain and develop the various platforms and services of the BIM group.

The BIM DAO, or BIM Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a governance structure that allows $BIM token holders to actively participate in project decisions and management. Here's how it works and how you can participate :

Propose Ideas and Projects : BIM DAO members can submit proposals for initiatives, improvements, or changes to be made within the $BIM ecosystem.

Voting on proposals: $BIM Token holders have the power to vote on proposals submitted by DAO members. The number of votes a token holder can cast generally depends on the amount of $BIM tokens they own or have staked.

Implementation of decisions: Once a proposal has been approved by a majority vote, it will be implemented in the $BIM ecosystem according to the terms of the proposal.

To participate in project governance via the BIM DAO, you must first own $BIM tokens. You can then get involved in the proposal and voting process by accessing the BIM DAO platform and following the instructions to submit proposals and vote on those of other members.

The team consists of : Damian Py Chairman| LinkedIn
Léo Pestre CEO | LinkedIn
Noé Rouméas CTO | LinkedIn
Kylian Bedouet CMO | LinkedIn
Thomas Messina CXO | LinkedIn Cynthia Renaudin DEO | LinkedIn